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First suggestions

Post by Admin on Tue Sep 29, 2015 7:12 pm

From the Jungian approach, Fawkes (2014) concludes with five acknowledgements that could serve also for a blueprint of a future PR Oath, well summarized by Arnett (2015: 39-40):

  • acknowledge the larger context of service by seeking to aid society and enhance democracy through admission of the limits of our ability to live up to such a duty
  • acknowledge imperfections and fallibilities of human beings who lose their way as they become unduly attached to a given organization
  • acknowledge the reality of human failings and aspirations within the profession and its representatives
  • acknowledge the centrality of partisanship and persuasion in the doing of public relations
  • acknowledge the difficult, demanding, and necessary task of situating public relations within the interests of a larger society, forgoing the temptation of preoccupation with short-term interests


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